Network Prefix in the Philippines

There are lot of mobile number network prefix in the Philippines namely Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Talk ‘N’ Text, Cherry Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile so it is hard to the end user to identify what network they are calling and texting.. Another third telco launch last March 13 “DITO” additional latest number prefixes will be added. Mobile number prefixes are easy to forget especially if you having the old network sim card of the telco companies in the Philippines. We list down below the mobile number prefixes, a simple solutions that will answer all your questions about what network your are texting and calling.

Getting Started, Search what network prefix below

PrefixMobile Network
0813Smart and Talk N Text
0900Smart and Talk N Text
0907Smart and Talk N Text
0908Smart and Talk N Text
0909Smart and Talk N Text
0910Smart and Talk N Text
0911Smart and Talk N Text
0912Smart and Talk N Text
0913Smart and Talk N Text
0914Smart and Talk N Text
0918Smart and Talk N Text
0919Smart and Talk N Text
0920Smart and Talk N Text
0921 Smart and Talk N Text
0928Smart and Talk N Text
0929Smart and Talk N Text
0930Smart and Talk N Text
0931Smart and Talk N Text
0938Smart and Talk N Text
0939Smart and Talk N Text
0940Smart and Talk N Text
0946Smart and Talk N Text
0947Smart and Talk N Text
0948Smart and Talk N Text
0949Smart and Talk N Text
0950Smart and Talk N Text
0955Smart and Talk N Text
0951Smart and Talk N Text
0961Smart and Talk N Text
0970Smart and Talk N Text
0971Smart and Talk N Text
0980Smart and Talk N Text
0981Smart and Talk N Text
0989Smart and Talk N Text
0992 Smart and Talk N Text
0998Smart and Talk N Text
0999Smart and Talk N Text
0817Globe and Touch Mobile
0905Globe and Touch Mobile
0906Globe and Touch Mobile
0915Globe and Touch Mobile
0916Globe and Touch Mobile
0917Globe and Touch Mobile
0926Globe and Touch Mobile
0927Globe and Touch Mobile
0935Globe and Touch Mobile
0936Globe and Touch Mobile
0937Globe and Touch Mobile
0945Globe and Touch Mobile
0953Globe and Touch Mobile
0954Globe and Touch Mobile
0955Globe and Touch Mobile
0956Globe and Touch Mobile
0965Globe and Touch Mobile
0966Globe and Touch Mobile
0967Globe and Touch Mobile
0975Globe and Touch Mobile
0977Globe and Touch Mobile
0978Globe and Touch Mobile
0979Globe and Touch Mobile
0994Globe and Touch Mobile
0995Globe and Touch Mobile
0996Globe and Touch Mobile
0997Globe and Touch Mobile
0922Sun Cellular
0923Sun Cellular
0924Sun Cellular
0925Sun Cellular
0931Sun Cellular
0932Sun Cellular
0933Sun Cellular
0934Sun Cellular
0940Sun Cellular
0941Sun Cellular
0942Sun Cellular
0943Sun Cellular
0944Sun Cellular
0973Sun Cellular
0974Sun Cellular
0937ABSCBN Mobile
0996Cherry Mobile
0978Next Mobile
0979Next Mobile

Knowing what network number in the Philippines, the telco companies use a prefix number to identify a mobile number’s network. The first three number is called prefix number since it can be found at the the beginning of the 11-digit phone number in the Philippines..

For example, if your phone number is 09461234569, then your prefix number is 0946. In some instances, if the number is used in international format. It must be start with Philippine’s country code 63 instead of 0. In this case, 09461234569 will become 639461234569. The 63 is the international country code in the PH so simply replace 0 to determine what network prefix in our list above..