How to register PayMaya Account?

How to register PayMaya Account? 1

Register PayMaya Account

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. To register PayMaya Account Download PayMaya from Apple Store or Google Play.

2. Fill out the online form with your name, email and mobile number.

3. Create a strong password and write down for it.

4. Read the Data Privacy Policy page of PayMaya and tap the Agree button.

5. You will Receive a verification SMS.

6. Enter that number in the app and tap “Verify.Click VIEW CARD button

7. Input your address and birthday.

8. You’ll receive a confirmation of your PayMaya account is activated.

You must considered to upgrade your PayMaya account for free to be able to Send money to other PayMaya users, withdraw from any BancNet ATM available locally and abroad using the physical card and Enjoy a monthly limit of P100,000 to your account.

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